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Anita Blake Vampire Hunter Novels by Laurell K. Hamilton





Website: Amazon is your best bet but it is on other sites.

Price: depending on the website you used to find the book. I saw audio books for $ 3.00. However, I like the paperback or hardcover you can keep

Owners: Laurell K. Hamilton

Overall Rank: 4.4 out of 5 stars on Amazon (I personally give it higher)


Anita Blake Vampire Hunter, Product Overview

It is the story of our hero, Anita Blake, who captures and kills supernatural being (mostly vampires). During the series she even has to get help from these supernatural beings to accomplish her mission as sometimes these vampires run a muck in the city. In the novel that introduces Aita Blake, Vampire Hunter, the monster she’s sworn to kill becomes the man she can’t live without.


The Good & the Bad

The Good:

High Interest. Keeps you interested in the story

Reasonably Priced

Many Books in the Series

The Bad:

Almost too many books in the Series. You have to be an avid reader in order to read all the books in the series


Who is Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter For?

Anita Blake is designed for readers who love the supernatural and vampires. The hero, Anita Blake, is a wonderfully developed character in the stories. She knows her job and does it well. She is a detective of sorts who hunts supernatural beings, and you find yourself lost in her world.


My Final Opinion of Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter

The Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter series by Laurell K. Hamilton was recommended to my by a friend and from the moment I started to first book Guilty Pleasures, I couldn’t put it down. It kept me entertained and pulled me into a world that engulfed me and my senses. Laurell K. Hamilton seems to be able to pull readers into a world of the supernatural and keep them there book after book.


Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter at a Glance…



If you have read the series, leave me a comment in the comment section and let me know what you think about the series. If you are interested in reading the series, leave me a comment about that also. Enjoy!

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