Book Review of Primal Fear by William Diehl

“Spine-tingling…Mr. Diehl can sustain suspense.”  THE NEW YORKTIMES


Martin Vail, the brilliant “bad-boy” lawyer every prosecutor and politician love to hate, is defending Aaron Stampler, a man found holding a bloody butcher’s knife near a murdered archbishop. Vail is certain to lose the case, but Vail uses his unorthodox ways to good advantage when choosing his legal team–a tight group of men and women who must uncover the extraordinary truth behind the  archbishop’s  slaughter. They do discover the truth, in a heart-stopping climax unparalleled for the surprise it springs on the reader…


Best Book I have EVER Read

Yes, without a doubt this is the best suspense story I have ever read. I have also seen the movie but the book gives you something the movie doesn’t and that is your imagination. This book has twists and turns with a shocking ending that NOBODY would believe. You have to read this book to believe it. I can’t give too much away but it got 4.6 out of 5 stars on Amazon (the book is for sale on my site) and I would have given it 5 out of 5 stars. It is that good. A slight review is in the opening paragraph of the page and the review doesn’t do it justice. William Diehl is a mastermind at suspense in this thriller you are not going to be able to put down. His ending is priceless as well.



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