I love Mystery/Suspense/Thrillers

I love Mystery/Suspense/Thrillers

My main love of books is the “who done it” type of book with some twists and turns built in. I love the villiain and the steps he/she takes to foil the hero. Ultimately the hero wins but that is OK with me. Thrillers and Suspense books can keep you captivated for hours and most of the time you are rooting for the hero to take the villiain down. This type of genre appeals to me specifically and hopefully, if you try it out, it can appeal to you too.

The Villain

Every good Mystery/Suspense/Thriller has to have a bad guy to drive the story. Who else would the hero be trying to catch or stop in the story other than the bad guy? Sometimes people even hope that the villiain will get away with whatever mischief or plan they have dreamed up. Is it wrong to hope for the villiain to win? Absolutely not! That is the wonderful thing about books. You can lose yourself or put yourself in the place of the hero or villiain in a story and root for you to win. Most of the time, however, the villiain has come up with some dastardly deed that most people want to see them stopped from getting away with winning. This is the point of the author. They want to make that bad guy so bad that as we read the story, we want that villiain to be stopped or caught by the hero.

The Hero

in a good Mystery/Suspense/Thriller there always has to be a good guy or a hero who is there to stop the villiain from taking over with their horrible misconduct. The hero can be our idol in a story and as we read and get lost in a story, we can put ourselves in the place of the hero and try to come up with ways to catch that villiain. The hero is often called the protagonist or the good guy in a story. They are necessary to drive the story as well as the villiain. In a series I am reading right now, the hero is a woman who tries to stop zombies and other supernatural creatures from taking control of a city. Your hero can be anyone you wish in a story. I just enjoy a good “who done it”.

Who wins?

Most of the time, in a good book, the winner is going to be the hero. After a series of twists and turns and much problem solving, the hero comes out on top with a win. Aren’t we glad that the hero wins, most of the time? Most definitely. We don’t want villains running around. I sure don’t want a world filled with zombies and serial killers. I am grateful for that hero who has worked so hard in the story to stop that horrible villiain. Kudos to the hero in a story!!

Who is your favorite?

Please drop me a comment below and tell me about your favorite hero or villain in a story you have read or are reading. I would love to hear about it. I may even have to check out the book you are reading.


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