Biography and Autobiography


Autobiographies and Biographies

Autobiographies are true stories written about a person by that person themselves.

Biographies are true stories written about a person by someone other than the person themselves. Both are good to read and can create a lot of interest.  Finding a good Biography or Autobiography depends on what you are interested in reading. I just bought 2 biographies off Amazon about 80s hair bands. One is about Sebastian Bach (who was the lead singer of the band Skid Row) and the other is about the Band, Ratt, who was popular in the 80s and 90s with their music. I haven’t had a chance to read them yet since I am so busy working on my site here at Wealthy Affiliate but I am hoping you will find a good Biography or Autobiography that you can sink your teeth into and cant put down. My next project is to read those books I just told you about above.

Find your niche

Do you like to read about royalty or bands or celebrities? It doesn’t matter what your interest is because you will be able to find that niche easily on Amazon and on my site. I am going to be offering a lot of different types of Autobiographies and Biographies for you to buy and read. I love reading Autobiographies and Biographies of 80s hair bands. I grew up listening to that type of music and so it interests me greatly to read stories about their lives. I saw the movie (didn’t get the book yet) on the life of Motley Crue and how their band got started and all the rough times that the band went through while trying to get started in the music world. Many bands have the same story about how they had to live in vans or all stay in one hotel room and live before they ended up with their lavish lifestyle of today. Also, many bands had to deal with drugs and the bass player for Motley Crue almost died twice and was brought back to life due to overdosing on drugs. That part to me isn’t interesting because I am against drugs but it makes for a great story when reading their biography.

If you don’t find your niche right away, it’s ok. You might read some Autobiographies and Biographies that you just aren’t thrilled with and then you will know that isn’t your niche but I don’t think it will take you long for you to find your niche. You know what interests you and you know what you want to read about or WHO you want to read about. So, an Autobiography or Biography today and see how well you like it. That just might be the genre you are interested in other than mystery/suspense/thrillers or Romance (I have written about them previously on other pages).

Let me know if you find a good Autobiography or Biography below so that I can read it too and tell me what you lived about it. Enjoy reading!!


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