About Me!


Hello everyone! I’m so happy you are here. I have a love for reading and I hope to share my love of books with you also. I have some book reviews on the site and well as books for sale and this site is going to offer you the chance to find some materials that can transport you out of this world.


Being a happy mother of 2 is a busy life but it makes me want to be able to have more time to do what I enjoy (Reading). I am an avid suspense/mystery/thriller fan and love to sit down with a good book to lose myself for a few hours each day.Sometimes it is hard to read each day because (mother) things get in the way but I try to find time on the weekend to at least read for a few hours if I can. Even spending a few hours reading can transport me out of this world with all it’s problems into a fantasy world where vampires or serial killers are running lose and the hero is trying to catch or kill them. It is a great escape.


I think my love of good literature came from being an English teacher for many years in middle school. Studying Edgar Allan Poe and some other local mysteries here where I live was the highlight of my year in teaching. My love for helping people find their niche here and also online is my dream. I want to offer people a place where they can come to enjoy finding a good book. My website, at this point, is a work in progress, so come back often and you can see it transforming and more content being added.


The main purpose of my website is to help people be able to find good books to help them be able to escape the world for a few hours each day or weekend (whenever you have a chance to read).  I look forward to my journey and want to invite you to join me. If you have comments, please leave them below and I will certainly get back to you. Happy Reading!!!

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